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Stay Green llc provides a waste plastic disposal solution that is not only environmentally responsible, but is reliable, cost-effective and convenient for both ends of the recycling spectrum.

Plastic Recycling

Electric Motors

Copper Recycling


IntroducingPlastic Recycling Network

With over 15 years of combined experience in the plastic recycling industry, we have a vast knowledge of material handling and processing of secondary goods. Since 2002, our management team has overseen hundreds of thousands of successful shipments of recycled materials.

As a manufacturer of plastic-based products, it makes good business sense to sell rather than dispose of your plastic waste. Whether you want to convey a more eco-friendly image or lower your operational costs (or both), we are equipped to purchase your post-industrial plastic in a quick and cost-effective manner.

15 +

Years Of Experience

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Successful Shipments

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Pounds Shipped Globally

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We have constantly been offering loads of material which are inspected and carefully tested by us that are offered to our buyers and manufacturers on our network. 
As a large volume dealer we at Stay Green LLC constantly get a stream of information about loads as such we gather specs, pictures, locations and other important details. If you are looking for distressed material we could get you any quantity available for sale in the U.S.A.

Electric Motors Scrap

We accept all varieties of electric motors. Recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals is the core area for Stay Green Llc. Electric motors are found in a variety of everyday items, such as vacuums, computers, ceiling fans, air conditioners, and more. Almost anything that has moving parts will have an electric motor. Electric motors are the most recycled part of electronics and appliances, because they often contain a notable amount of copper wire. We accept all varieties of electronic motors including, industrial fans, commercial fans, blowers, pumps, machine tools, power tools


Truck Load Quantities of

Post - Industrial Scrap

If you have a large quantity of plastic or electric scrap such as PMMA, PC, PS, PP, HDPE, LDPE and electic motors. we provide a waste stream solution to pick up your material wherever this material might be located in the U.S.

We provide

Industrial Solutions

Since bwe are in plastic recycling business to establish an online presence in 2000, we have worked hard to remain at the forefront of our industry by offering a consistently high level of service and accessibility.

Get a Waste Stream Solution for Your Company

For each and every shipment we receive, the customer is compensated for their goods in a fair and timely manner.

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